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We use all our knowledge and experience to help users to confront business challenges. In order to do that successfully, we use the Business Process Management (BPM) methodology that is proved to bring order to the business.

What we do

The range of services we provide is based on many years of experience...
Modeling and Documenting

Modeling of business processes using the flow diagram methodology on multiple levels to define process steps. Business processes have proven to be the best basis for documenting business functions because operations are observed from a different perspective. Models are an excellent basis for internal procedures, work instructions and other process documentation.

Financial Management and Control

We provide assistance in the implementation of legally prescribed activities in the state administration in order to establish a Financial Management and Control (FMC). Activities where Arctos help are: – strategic planning – preparation of the book of business processes – risk management – periodic monitoring and reporting.

Business Performance Analyses

Business analysis are based on the activities of the business processes. The focus of analysis are the people, organizations and current business opportunities. Analyses give an answer to the question what and how to do it, and also help in the assessment of the consequences that come with making decisions about improving business.

Organizational Structuring

Defining the company organization based on business processes and at all levels: macro, mezzo and micro level. The advantage of the process approach is reflected in the quality of defining job descriptions and the competencies required for jobs in order to raise the expertise and efficiency of the employees and their personal development and education.

Our Values

We are fiercely committed to client service above all. We strongly belive that the prosperity lies on long lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect and high-value, durable results.

About us

You can always get the most out of our ideas and experience.
Our values drive us forward as an organisation and bind us together as a community.

We are a small sized company applying the best tools and methodologies of larger consultancies in the nimble environment with the personalized attention of a smaller firm. Our community of consultants brings energy, initiative and imagination to solve clients’ business problems across industries in ways that deliver value above expectations.

Our area of expertise is business analysis, business processes and organization. Development of IT solutions is also a significant part of our service portfolio.


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